About Us

We are a network of people who promote public participation in the protection of our natural legacy, its beauty and biodiversity. We are guardians of the parks, true Friends of Parks.

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness

John Muir

Vision and mission

Amigos de los Parques was born to care for and value Chilean Patagonia National Parks, engaging civil society in its protection, through alliances with key actors to address the challenges of its maintenance. We are united by the conviction that National Parks are the strongest conservation strategy for long-term ecosystem protection and a real alternative for local development as a result of conservation.
We work to promote an aware citizenship about National Parks, a State that guarantees its proper management and public-private associativity, activating and perpetuating in time a true culture of National Parks of Chile.


Amigos de los Parques proposes to strengthen the Chilean National Park system through 4 lines of action:

Public education and awareness: We emphasize the public, democratic and transformative nature of National Parks and we urge civil society to know them, value them and act towards their protection.

Public Policies: We promote environmental philanthropy and encourage public debate to generate policies for better and stronger institutionality of National Parkst.

Activities: We generate experiences in Chilean Patagonia National Parks so people can value natural heritage.

Fundraising: We work to increase public and private investment in National Parks.

Amigos de Los Parques


  • Rodrigo Jordán

  • Kristine Mcdivitt Tompkins

  • Carolina Morgado

  • Yvon Chouinard

  • Macarena Soler

  • Myriam Gómez

Advisory Council

  • Drina Rendic

  • Marcela Rentería

  • Hernán Mladinic

  • Juan Pablo Orrego

  • Jorge Moller

  • Amaro Gómez Pablos

  • Francisco Calabi

  • Ingrid Espinoza


  • Rodrigo Condeza

  • Sebastián Salinas

  • José Claro

  • Victor Hugo Puchi

  • Eduardo Aninat

  • Alexandra Petermann

  • Magdalena Piñera

  • Martín del Río

  • Guillermo Larraín

  • Arístides Benavente

  • Juan Carlos Castilla

  • Domingo Eguiguren


  • Eugenio Rengifo Grau

  • María José Hess Paz

Support this urgent cause

We are living in a crucial moment in terms of both the climate and extinction crises. The IPBES report released in May, 2019, drew conclusions which force us to act immediately: one million species are threatened due to the impact of humans on the planet. Considering the vital interdependence of all species in the great community of life, the whole planet is under threat. In this scenario, national parks have become increasingly relevant in safeguarding key ecosystems to face this threat.

This is our opportunity to reverse the damage, reconnecting humanity with nature through the protection of national parks.
Support our project so that we can carry out a large-scale education campaign for the protection of national parks.

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